Master in Buddhism——As leader in the Buddhist circle in the Liang Dynasty, Fu Dashi once explained the lections for Liangwu Emperor. Apart from inventing the revolvable closet for collecting Buddhist books, Fu Dashi made great achievements in the study of Buddhism and is an ideologist in China’s cultural history. Fu Dashi, Damo (Bodhidharma) and Zhigong were called the “Three Dashis” in the Liang Dynasty.

Master in Literature——Luo Bingwang (619-around 687) made his name through the poem called “Ode to Goose” he composed at the age of seven. His long seven-word poem “Dijing” is regarded as a literary masterpiece and his “Official Denunciation of Empress Wu Zetian” shocked the whole society at that time. As one...



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